Revive your mind and body doing Pilates in touch with unique nature of Alaçatı

Escape from all dullness and chaos of city life through regular yoga sessions
Basketball Camp
Alacati basketball camp promotes both physical and moral development of the young
Crossfit in the nature of Alacati makes you push your limits thus increasing the power you have.
Kids Camp
Your children will spend the summer with various activities. It is a fun-filled camp for the children who are interested in water sports.
Extreme Sports
Alacati is very you if you are interested in extreme sports and like water.
Fitness that you will do breathing the clean air within the nature will, even short-term, be unbelievably beneficial for your body.
Re-discover massage, which has been the best-known method for relaxing and wellness from past to present.
Outdoor Activities
ASPC center offers you tens of outdoor activities that make you familiar with the Aegean, particularly Alacati.
Chance to sail through the everlasting wind and splendid sea of Alacati.
It is up to you to enjoy the life with your beloved ones in Alacati. All you need to do is decide on what to do.
Experience different types of windsurfing with the guidance by the world’s best surf instructors in our center.
Summer Camp
Packed with many activities, Summer Camp is specially designed for adults. Say hello to an unusual summer.
Windsurfing Beach
The best boards and brands are waiting for you in Alacati, which is one of the best wind- surfing beaches of the world.
JP Board
Let’s have a close look at JP Board, a leading windsurfing brand.
Neil Pryde
Neil Pryde, one of the indispensible brands of Windsurfing